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Letter: Peirce is child-centered and future-focused

I am writing in support of Sandra Peirce for the Aspen Board of Education. Both of my children are products of the Aspen schools, and the quality of the Board of Education is something that matters deeply to me.

Sandra is an individual with a vigorous sense of community responsibility. Throughout the past 20 years, I have worked with Sandra as co-chair of the Komen Race for the Cure in Aspen for two years and on numerous school advisory committees in Aspen Elementary School, Aspen Middle School and as recently as last year in Aspen High School. I have been privileged to sit on the District Accountability Committee with her and to work with her on numerous mill-levy and bond elections supporting our school district and on numerous college-fair organizing committees.

Through working directly with Sandra on numerous committees, I have learned that she is informed, responsible and objective; is passionate about education and this community; leads by example through actions, words and behaviors; is not afraid to ask hard questions; and is not afraid of productive conflict.

I believe that Sandra has shown a pattern of listening to all sides before making decisions and, if re-elected, will make the best decisions for students and the community based on all of the information available.

Sandra does not come with an agenda but rather with a pledge to listen to the needs of the children and parents in this community. I ask that you re-elect Sandra Peirce to the Aspen Board of Education.

Roxanne Willsky