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Letter: Patsy Newbury Park

Are you kidding me? A slackline taking up almost half of our beautiful, passive, peaceful Patsy Newbury Park. Are you kidding me?

At first I thought the pillars were for lighting, but no.

I have been walking down the Rio Grande Trail most every day for almost 30 years. This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.

A slackline! This is a “passive” park. Many of us have used this park for community picnics, very recently Larry Meloy’s memorial for more than 200 people — right where the slackline is now ­— weddings and private, small parties. So many of us use the park for dog ball and frisbee throwing (No conflict there). There also is a horseshoe pit that has been there for no less than 30 years — I guess that has to go!

This park is mainly used for just a quiet, relaxing time reading, meditating and exercising.

For those who have not seen what I am talking about, there are about six to eight permanent, extremely large pillars where slacklines will be strung implanted in the west end of our (no longer) peaceful, beautiful park. Patsy and Don are rolling over in their graves.

I understand that the slacklines will be permanent except maybe taken down in the winter. I want those taken down now, permanently. The kids have always hung simple lines and taken them down when done.

Who is making all these decisions up the Hunter Creek/Mill Street/No Problem area? We now have pinwheels lining the second busiest street in town embedded in rocks: Mill Street. Someone has said the final plan is for permanently planted shrubs and trees. Do these “street planners” live here? How are we supposed to snowplow that steep, very busy street? And I bet the people on Bleeker just love all the cars turning onto their sacred street since there is no longer a turning lane going west up Main Street. Nay, we don’t need that!

And the “planner” who designed the drainage ditch on the corner of Galena across from the Gondola — that was such good planning, the bus stop had to be moved to across the street after they had to fill it with snow, put orange cones up, tape it off, and even utilize a patrol vehicle in case anyone fell in it. Yikes! Good move there on another extremely busy corner.

We need whoever is making these outrageous decisions replaced now.

How about some common sense coming into Aspen?

Patty Simpson