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Letter: Path unsafe for bikers

When the bike path from Woody Creek to Basalt was first opened several years back, I rode that perfectly flat blacktop path. It was perfection! Over the years, more and more bumps/eruptions and raised cracks have marred our path, making it unsafe. Today, I started biking the path that begins just west of the Woody Creek Tavern. In a very short distance I counted more than 25 spray-painted, raised bumps in the blacktop. One is so large, there is a small tree starting to grow out of it. I know about our hazardous bike path, but for people riding it for the first time, it is very dangerous. The government officials in charge of keeping this bike path safe and in good shape for riding are failing our community. Riders will get hurt if something is not done to improve the condition of this path. Aspen and our surrounding areas are beautiful places to be enjoyed. An unplanned trip to the hospital because of a bike accident is not enjoyable. Please do something to improve this path.

Cheryl McArthur