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Letter: ‘Parking-Gate’: Where’s the outrage?

So now both of Aspen’s local daily newspapers finally start performing their duty of investigating “Parking-Gate.” Tuesday’s editions contained information from emails among city officials indicating some very interesting facts. Such as the fact that the vulnerability of the parking system to this kind of fraud was known as far back as 2009. Such as the fact that the credit- and debit-card decline rate was markedly above historical levels in early 2012. Such as the fact that Aspen remained only one of three systems in the country that was not protecting itself against this type of fraud. A careful read of City Hall emails probably would reveal a lot more unflattering facts about the lax attitude of our city management toward its fiduciary duty.

I already have called for a sweeping, and I do mean sweeping, review by an independent consultant of City Hall’s business practices, not just in the Parking Department but throughout the departments that handle a lot of our money. And the consultant should report to the City Council and the residents, not the city manager. It seems so obvious this is called for that I am surprised the City Council has not called a special meeting to take such action.

Yet the City Council seems paralyzed. More surprising is the lack of general outrage from residents. If Aspen residents do not demand a sweeping review by an outside consultant, we will continue to receive the disdain of City Hall that we will deserve.

Maurice Emmer


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