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Letter: Parking Department is to blame

In Aspen, we are very fortunate to live in a town with little violence. There are no shootings of unarmed civilians, save perhaps Larkin Harris decades ago. So what the community does is focus on what ills it finds.

City employees have a fiduciary responsibility to the residents of Aspen. In their official positions, they are expected to keep informed on current trends and be aware of ways to advance the public interest. It seems abundantly clear that the Parking Department has not done this. If Aspen was one of only three cities to continue to use batch processing of credit cards, it seems clear that parking officials were not keeping informed. If credit cards were not blacklisted when the technology existed to do so, it seems clear that the Parking Department was not actively keeping informed on ways to exercise its fiduciary responsibility.

Now that the deficiencies have been discovered and a fix is in place, according to the city, why are new parking meters being purchased? It was not the fault of the existing parking meters that the city has lost an estimated $600,000 in parking revenue. The Parking Department is to blame. If the old meters are working, it seems what we really need is a new human in charge of the Parking Department.

Ward Hauenstein


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