Letter: Pan & Fork issue needs resolution

Basalt Town Council:

I am writing this letter to notify you that the contract between the Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. and Lowe Enterprises to purchase the Pan and Fork property in Basalt has been renewed and extended beyond the previous Jan. 31 expiration date. The new contract allows both Lowe and the Community Development Corp. to enter into contracts with the town if any ballot questions in the upcoming municipal election determines a future use of the property, including the proposed Pan and Fork River Park Committee ordinance and TABOR question.

The Community Development Corp. would like to see the status of this property resolved in a timely fashion in 2016. We are open to any outcome that reimburses the Community Development Corp. for its investment and also meets the hopes and aspirations of the residents in Basalt, whether it is a larger park with commercial and/or civic oriented development or a smaller park with additional accompanying development.

Michael McVoy

Board president, Roaring Fork Community Development Corp.