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Letter: Overcoming bad officiating

Wow! Our ladies were amazing in the U.S. vs. Australia soccer match Monday! Hats off to the whole team on a 3-1 win, especially stars Hope Solo, Sydney Leroux, Abby Wambach and Megan Rapinoe (two goals) — wow!

Amazing determination, grace and character were in the face of such blatantly horrid head refereeing! I’ve never seen worse in my life. I was inspired to tape the 90-minute game and then marked down every bad, missed or blatantly wrong call. It took me six hours to rewatch the nightmare — 29 penalties or ball changes based on a free kick, 79 percent against the U.S. and 21 percent against the Aussie. Now, to her credit, the sideline judge was fair across the board in her play calling, but the head ref should be fined, banned and booted out of the FIFA league. Did I mention the two yellow cards against our players? One was against Rapinoe, I think for being too good! You may say, “We won 3-1; quit crying,” but the quality of the game is depleted when the calls are not correct, fair or truthful. Even the commentators were bitching about it. It would be like teaching our kids that winning by any means is OK, that the end justifies the means. If that’s true, you should be in Congress! If I were on the coaching staff, I wouldn’t show this letter to our players. They may refuse to play FIFA soccer again!

If FIFA can’t protect our teams from an obviously biased judge, then I suggest that the next time our team gets up by one goal, just tell Solo to hold on to the ball for the next 45 minutes, stall and kill the clock. This will take the activist referee out of the game. Or tell Rapinoe to unload her “lethal shot by accident” upside the head of the idiot referee — oops. And Wambach, we love you. You can’t always score every game! What an amazing group of talented American women! We are blessed to have you!

Eleven players per team is the norm; no team needs a 12th player/ref — unless you suck.

We love you, Team USA! You are more that winners — you have the heart and character of champions!

K.C. and Cindy Johnson