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Letter: Over-the-top and excessive

Pete Stouffer said it best: He can’t believe anyone involved with the Aspen Institute would be a part of such a large-scale event in a rural and remote designated area. He continues, “I think that someone that’s had the opportunity to see the beauty, and character and will of our community and still pull something like this off is incomprehensible to me.” I agree 100 percent! I was amazed when the front page article (“Neighbors upset about wedding project,” The Aspen Times, June 12) mentioned Robert Steel’s local position as the chairman of the Aspen Institute.

Cindy Houben also was correct that the oversized event “exposed a loophole in the rural and remote designation that needs to be addressed.” I love the fact that “plowing isn’t allowed in a rural and remote zoned area,” but one — a very rich one — can construct a chapel, a dance floor, a 27,000-square-foot tent and other amenities in that same “rural and remote” zoned area.

A wedding is a “commercial” endeavor/event. Aside from lodging and travel expenses, no one has ever paid “admission” to a wedding. At the very minimum a temporary commercial-use permit should have been required. A wedding this size is over-the-top and excessive, and shame on those ugly Americans!

John Norman