Letter: Out with the old and in with the new

I received my voting ballot in the mail last week and decided to fill it out immediately as this is a very important election. I saw the list of names and recognized many as having been on the Basalt Town Council many years ago and many many times. I commend those who keep wanting to run again and again and again and again, but I truly feel now is the time for them to yield to new, fresh faces and younger people. I also remember attending council meetings where there were several female faces, and I feel it is time again to try to balance our council.

I have attended many council meetings over the past several years (I have been a Basalt resident since 1999) and have watched with pride and also with dismay some of the decisions that have been made. Try the most recent when this council almost voted to pay the Willits developers to continue with development out of our pockets — yikes! Thank goodness for Jacque and a few council members to not allow this.

The Pan and Fork area is of great concern to all of us. When Gold Rivers was developed we lost permanent sight of the river on the left side of the bridge. I wouldn’t dare walk along the river path as I would be staring into people’s private residences. We own the land along the river in Pan and Fork but we have been told it was designed to flood with high riverwater. Remember the fire hydrant in the middle of the flooded area? When I stopped laughing I realized that flooded area was our public park. We need useable land and an unobstructed view and use of the river. Please don’t let developer’s desires take away that priceless river that is vital to our town. Many council members just want this issue to end and go to outside interests — out of town developers. Some want the people’s input as a park was never on the table when we were asked our opinion way back when.

I give my thanks to the good ol’ boys club but welcome new and fresh faces that truly represent the way we the people feel and where we want our votes cast. The people tried to speak in their petitions but were dismissed by the council. Vote for representatives who listen to the people and support Jacque, Jenn and Kate. Just think, a new council might actually represent the whole town and not just special interests.

Debby Wachs