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Letter: Our nonpartisan savior

Our nonpartisan savior

It is amazing to me that people think they know 100 percent the mind of Jesus. True, there is a lot written about him, but the guy lived here a few thousand years ago! I cannot believe Glenn Beaton actually thinks that the “left” in this country don’t believe in Christ (“The left finds Jesus, sort of,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, April 12). I know a whole lot of people who are right-wingers and leftists. Most of them believe in God and go to church a few times a week.

I also don’t understand why some on the right are “birthers” and always bring up the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I’ve heard a lot of preaching on my journey, and there are plenty of mistakes and stupid things stated. Forgive bad preaching when it happens, and it does. Also, some on the right don’t even think the president is a Christian! Come on, people, do some homework.

As for wedding cakes, I think companies in that line of work should take care of all of their clients. Not some of them — all of them. If that doesn’t work out, go to a Buddhist bakery! They pretty much love, respect and bake happily for everyone. Also, when it comes to Jesus, why all the anger? I think he is pretty sad for all the dummies he left here.

People need to chill out, learn and help out one another. Be more spiritual and kind. I know Jesus would want that. Who wouldn’t?

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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