Letter: Our life could have been different

Our life could have been different

On Independence Day, I took time to celebrate our freedoms. I was reading this amazing article in Rolling Stone; “The Turning Point”, with my daughter’s future in mind and her future freedoms. 14 years ago, the popular vote favored the author of this article for presidency. What would our world have looked like if the 600 votes, the hanging and pregnant chads and the Supreme Court had not intervened? What would our world be like now, 14 years later, if the vote of the American people would have been honored and recognized? I am sure some billionaires maybe would have a little less money. Some $4,000,000 dollar weddings might have had to make do on $1.5 million. But how many soldiers might still be alive to be with and support their families? What would our economy have looked like if Bush et al were not in charge for the 2008 meltdown? Would we be arguing over whether whistle blowers are heroes or traitors? Would a woman’s body belong to her? Would corporations have the same rights as a person? Could the wealthy buy our government? Would there be economic penalties for carbon-based energy that is affecting our planet? As a mother, these are really important questions to me. Directly related to freedom as I and my daughter will experience it. Please consider reading the article at

Bronwyn Anglin