Letter: Open dialogue in the mayor’s seat

Every once in a while, a community finds itself at a critical crossroads. A pan and fork in the river, so to speak.

I feel that Basalt is currently experiencing that “once in a while” moment. The past, present and future of Basalt are currently on a collision course. Lively debate and discussions among elected officials, town staff and community members have been active for months on end. Very few enlightened and decisive decisions have been realized to date.

Right about now is the perfect time for Basalt to set a solid foundation to move our community onward. We need to have one eye on our rearview mirror and the other focused on our horizon. Such a complex undertaking will require leadership at the top that is grounded by the realities of achieving practical, realistic community goals in both the short and long terms. We need to apply a balanced approach as we author our vision, together, on what the next great Basalt is to become.

Mayoral candidate Rick Stevens has a strong track record as a public servant of facilitation through collaboration as his approach to managing the due process. That’s a good thing for Basalt. He believes in transparency and open dialogue. He is a decision-maker. He embraces the leadership role with depth and humility. Basalt would be fortunate to have Rick as its next mayor.

I know that Rick will do his job as mayor if he is given the opportunity. Basalt residents need to do theirs and vote in this critical upcoming election. Get out the vote! Get out the vote!

R.J. Gallagher Jr.