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Letter: Only half the news fit to print

In the July 7 Aspen Times online “Crime” section, the first two stories concerned separate charges of “sexual assault on a child” brought by Eagle County against Jacinto Zelaya-Zelaya and Noe Vergara Hernandez (“El Jebel man arrested for alleged sexual assault on child” and “Basalt man arrested for suspicion of sexual assault,” AspenTimes.com).

Not reported was the resident status of the two alleged offenders.

In the absence of such information, one assumes that both men are U.S. citizens, but that’s hardly a safe assumption to make these days. If they are otherwise, then I find myself wondering why the community should not be apprised of such information.

If, indeed, it is considered a public service to publish their crimes, which are merely alleged at this point, then why is it a breach of their privacy and civil rights (if they have any) to report on their violation of immigration laws, should that be the case?

If either of the two individuals is, in fact, an “illegal” — a term that newspapers won’t permit themselves to use — then another question arises:

When every segment of American society is proficient at producing pedophiles and other sex offenders, why should the nation import yet more of them by indiscriminately throwing open our borders to all comers?

We need them about as much as we need active tuberculosis and some 10 other exotic diseases that are being reintroduced to our communities, often by way of migrant camps that the federal government is imposing upon them.

As I write, some members of the press are being restricted from reporting on events on our southern border, and news of sexual assault on a minor by transplanted Muslim immigrants in Twin Falls, Idaho, is being soft-soaped. And, of course, “Kate’s Law” has been defeated once again in the U.S. Senate.

No doubt my commentary will be pronounced “xenophobic” by some, but really, what rational society does such things to itself and then keeps itself in the dark about it?

Chad Klinger


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