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Letter: One-way street

Shame on Susan O’Neal for her inflammatory and misleading letter to the editor opposing Base2 (Oct. 2, The Aspen Times). I not only love Aspen for what it was (I moved here in 1971), I actually love Aspen for what it is — damn, I am proud of Aspen for how it has handled the extreme pressures from the outside.

In her letter, Susan tells us what we are allowed to love, as long as it is what she loves. Hmm, sounds like a new reverend is in town damning us to hell if we don’t think like her. Then, she lies about the box being “twice as big as zoning allows.” The “box” is not twice as big — it is about the same as what it will be if it is not a lodge. I guess if Susan had her way, our other “big boxes,” such as the Wheeler, Jerome, Independence Square, Elks building, Mountain Chalet, etc. (all bigger than Base2) would all go to Denver where “big boxes belong.” Nonsense.

I believe in differences of opinions and respecting those opinions. I get the other side of this debate, but when someone tells me why I should love Aspen and that I should be “ashamed” for supporting this, that is an opinion that should be seriously discounted or flat out ignored. Respect Susan.

I say shame on you, Susan O’Neal. Aspen is about many things, but to me, one is independent thought. Sadly, with bomb throwers such as Susan out there, the respect for that independent thought only matters if you are going the same way on her one-way street.

Scott Writer


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