Letter: One-two punch

One-two punch

Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. — Ben Franklin, paraphrase

Dear giant Obama-bot, cheerleading robocop Carl Heckler, don’t worry about me shooting any Amazon drones delivering your books or videos (“Cease fire,” letters, Jan. 3, The Aspen Times).

When a certain unnamed mafiosa, Michelle Obama, house-swappin’, General Dynamics/JP Morgan Chase billionaire family hilariously got me outlawed from half my hometown after mouthing off about unions, war and liberty by gunning me down with their seven attorneys from Aspen, Denver, Chicago and D.C., one of the conditions of the resulting restraining order is I ain’t allowed to own a gun, despite growing up fishing and hunting with my paw and sis, now doing clean water wells in Africa and an art curator, respectively.

Besides, Amazon-owned drones ain’t affected in the Deer Trail ordinance since they “are not operated or owned by the federal government.”

Using the language in the other small-town Colorado ordinances, Aspen’s would state: “Whereas many Western communities in rural America provide monetary incentives (bounties) for the killing of predators that are injurious to” the little people, the Town of Aspen “likewise establishes hunting licenses and bounties for the killing of unmanned aerial vehicles in keeping with the Western traditions of sovereignty and freedom.”

Friend, you oughta add the Oscar-nominated movie “Dirty Wars” to your Amazon cart; it details how our kill list-lovin’, First Amendment-hatin’ president called the president of Yemen to keep an Arab journalist in jail for reporting on the U.S. Tomahawk cruise missile that killed so many innocent women and children. Guess who developed the Tomahawk missile?

Now do you see why Thomas Jefferson put the Second Amendment right after the First?

Lee Mulcahy