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Letter: On women and weapons

Re: Julie Engles’ aghast-ness (“Quote in Semple’s column was offensive to women,” Letters to the editor, Aspen Daily News, June 20) at the use of the word “tits” by Lo Semple (“Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend,” Commentary, Aspen Daily News, June 18), welcome to Aspen! It is relaxed here. For years we were amused by a barn that displayed the finger to all passers-by — I don’t recall anyone aghast. I truly do not feel that the women in this town feel treated like “slabs of meat,” but don’t take my “said” word for it; do a survey. Have a sense of humor. Relax.

By the way, Laura Hendricks (“Guns aren’t the problem, people are the problem,” Letters to the editor, Aspen Daily News, June 20), if military-style weapons are solely for the purpose of killing large amounts of people as quickly as possible, why exactly do you need your assault weapons?

Lee Lewiston


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