Letter: On the topic of guns

Maurice Emmer states, “Automatic weapons are illegal in this country” in his editorial “Court makes the law” (The Aspen Times, Commentary, June 24). With all due respect, Mr. Emmer is misinformed and incorrect. I personally have fired a fully automatic Uzi. It is quite an experience but can be very expensive unless you load your own ammo. I still don’t see a need for them in hunting applications as some people would argue they are needed or used.

Here are some facts I gathered from a Type 7 License-holder gun-enthusiast friend and Google:

For $200 an individual can acquire a tax stamp from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, which includes a background check. This allows the individual to purchase a fully automatic weapon, “the ability for keep firing rounds with a single trigger pull” as long at the weapon was manufactured before 1986.

An individual may also pay $500 to get a 02/07 FFL/SOT license that allows them to manufacture an unlimited number of fully automatic “machine” guns.

To say “automatic weapons are illegal in this country” is false! You cannot purchase them at Cabela’s, but you can online with the proper licenses, permits, fees and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms’ blessings.

And on that note, happy upcoming Fourth of July weekend to you all.

John Norman