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Letter: Observations from midvalley

Observations from midvalley

After looking through our two local papers Wednesday, I’d like an opportunity to weigh in on some midvalley issues and hot-button items.

Basalt plans on creating a whitewater park above the confluence of the Fryingpan (“Rough waters for Basalt whitewater park,” The Aspen Times, Sept. 2). While this is fine, that part of the river does appear to need a facelift. Town planners seem to be missing the point: Whitewater parks require water. As the article states, the base flow for the fork above the Fryingpan confluence is 240 cubic feet per second at low flow (most of the year). The lower Pan today is dumping in 300 cfs. Why on earth doesn’t Basalt put the features in below the confluence, maybe alongside a nice new park? Six hundred cfs creates a much more legit whitewater park than 250 cfs.

The Holland Hills grow center seems to be getting its share of bad press for the strong pot odor (“Let Lewis lead on legal pot,” Letters to the editor, Aspen Daily News, Sept. 2). Yet Basalt Southside residents don’t seem to mind the stink of cow dung from the rancher just downvalley of their property. They’re not demanding that he be shut down and relocated. Or how about the sometimes constant sound of gunfire that echoes through most of the town? Why nobody complains about those two things decreasing their property value and quality of life, but the sweet aroma of flowers gets people’s ire, is beyond me.

And how about this anchor baby who just turned 104 years old in Carbondale (“Carbondale woman turns 104,” The Aspen Times, Sept. 2)? Probably living large off government handouts at her retirement center. Shouldn’t she and her parents be rounded up and deported alongside the rest of the immigrants, as our popular politicians want? What’s up with the double standard?

Nathan Sullivan