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Letter: Not the place for housing

Total dismay sums up my feelings after reading comments Kathy Chandler Henry made following a meeting up in Aspen where White River National Forest Supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams spoke. I’m talking about the 20 acres adjacent to Crown Mountain Park the Forest Service is currently trying to sell.

Chandler Henry confirmed the county is exploring the purchase with intent for a high-density development with 175 to 225 units with 400 to 600 people. You can’t be serious!

So am I to believe that while the people in the neighborhoods surrounding Crown Mountain Park have been fighting like hell against the Fields and Ace Lane’s development to preserve our quality of life, it is going to be Eagle County that ends up destroying it?

Yes, we need sensible affordable housing, but this is not the place. This property, with its unobstructed views of the Crown, Mount Sopris and Snowmass Peak, should be on a postcard that says simply, “Colorado.” The views at night are just as spectacular. Every effort should be made to keep this beautiful property open space for future generations to enjoy.

I believe the Crown Mountain Park District should not miss a great opportunity to add this parcel to the park. I think the people in the district would support a mill-levy increase for this increasingly popular park.

So I’m asking Eagle County, instead of being responsible for destroying this gem of a property, why not be the ones who preserve it?

Tom O’Keefe