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Letter: Not the image for Aspen we want to create

Not the image for Aspen we want to create

Do we really need or want a “pot patch” facility as the first thing we see as we drive into our beautiful, little town? Is that really what we want to use that beautiful Victorian house for? Isn’t it bad enough that as we are driving up from Basalt that we have to look at that monstrosity of a building: a giant pot-growing facility. Welcome to Aspen, or MarijuanaLand! Stop in, have a sample. Pick up some pot gummy bears for your kids! What’s next, a meth lab?

This pot-patch facility is obviously not a medical manufacturing facility. Joshua Meacham is quoted in The Aspen Times as saying, “It’s really hard to say, but about 100 grams of hash oil would make about 10,000 patches” (“Aspen to get marijuana-patch production facility,” Oct. 8). Really? It’s “hard to say?” Is that how all our medicine is made? What authority approved this medicine-making method? The patches contain anywhere from 10 grams to 30 grams of THC. That is a huge spread. There will be no prediction of the effect one will experience from this “medicine.” Maybe their pain will lessen for a bit. Or, maybe they will hallucinate and freak out. Or, maybe they will die. Best of luck with that, I hope it’s their lucky day.

What message are we sending here? How is this good? Who is this really helping? Well, it for sure is helping the new legal drug dealers — they are getting rich quick! But are they going to take care of all the kids who will now get addicted because it’s “safe” and it’s “medicine?” I don’t think so! The kids are their future customers. They are brilliant for creating pot gummy bears and candy — very tempting to those future customers.

If part of the reason for legalizing marijuana is to get rid of the black market, then how were there just two busts of illegal pot-growing sites? Estimated value of one of them is $6 million to $8 million dollars! I don’t think we were going to be seeing any tax money from that. This black market will not go away.

Oh Aspen, where are we going with this arijuana mission? Dumbing down society, particularly the next generation. Making more mental illness, lowering IQs. How is this good?

Angela Marion


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