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Letter: Not suited for job

Not suited for job

After watching the members of the Snowmass Village Town Council discuss the status of the town manager, I am disappointed by their churlish behavior toward one another.

Both sides have it wrong. This is not about a broken process, democracy in action, the decision of the majority, or harassment by the minority. This is about a town manager who does not want to serve in the position because of the split on the board.

If Gary Suiter believes that he is not up for the professional challenge of working for a split board, then perhaps he isn’t the right person for the job. Why would anyone hire an employee who does not believe he can be effective at his job? Yes, the majority may want Gary Suiter for the position, but Mr. Suiter has made it clear that he does not want the job. If he wants to work in an interim basis, there needs to be a search for a permanent town manager. We need an effective town manager who will take the job on our terms, not his.

Rhonda J. Bazil

Snowmass Village