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Letter: Not blaming all Muslims

In his letter “Stop blaming all Muslims” (The Aspen Times, May 22), I appreciate Miles Knudson’s thoughtful response to my column in the May 21 edition, “The problem with being Pamela Geller.”

While I do not really disagree with anything he says, I fear that he may be misconstruing my position: My beef is not with “all Muslims” — some of whom I lived among in Turkey for a time, leaving me with some fond memories — but with the secular left in this country for its relentless assault on Christianity while simultaneously and inexplicably mollycoddling a religious tradition that can be so much more repressive and oppressive, as in honor killings, throwing gays off of rooftops and putting fatwas on the likes of Salman Rushdie, Geert Wilders and Geller.

Although to a lesser extent than I, Muslims also revere Jesus and Mary, and I often feel closer to them than to the Marxist atheists who are running many of our universities these days. However, because of the Islamists within their midst, they cannot be exempted from the scrutiny and criticism of the Western world in which they have chosen to live. It won’t do for the left to cry “Islamophobia” (a ridiculous word) and go back to focus all its energies on destroying our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Chad Klinger