Letter: Not afraid to say ‘no’ to developers

I support Jacque Whitsitt for mayor of Basalt.

I’ve watched in amazement over the past few years as Basalt’s Town Council has tried to fool us into supporting the financial-enrichment plans of various developers. As a signer of a petition supporting a park on the river downtown, I know there are many of us in town who want to see, play on and enjoy this piece of land.

We don’t want to see the river blocked off by a massive row of high-end condos whose owners visit a couple of months out of the year. We also were nauseated by the bald-faced attempt to let Mariner share in our sales tax revenue in Willits. We were also none too happy with sneaky efforts to reduce the affordable-housing requirements for developers.

Jacque Whitsitt has been on my side on each of these issues. In fact, she was the only one on the council who supported the petition to put the riverfront-park issue to a public vote.

We can stand by this election, do nothing and let the developer-friendly good ol’ boys run over our town. Or we can stand up and re-elect Jacque so we have a voice on the council that’s not afraid to say “no” when needed. Vote for Jacque Whitsitt for mayor of Basalt!

Roger Adams