Letter: Not a fan of Clinton’s

Regarding “Trump views U.K. exit vote as validation,” by The Associated Press’ Julie Pace (The Aspen Times, June 25), Julie states, “Britain’s stunning vote to bolt from the European Union sent political tremors across the Atlantic on Friday, fueling Donald Trump’s confidence that frustrated U.S. voters will back similarly sweeping change and rattling Democrats who are banking on Americans ultimately choosing a more conventional leader in Hillary Clinton.”

If she is conventional, no wonder rank-and-file Americans are ready for change — lost her lawyer job working on the Nixon impeachment because of poor ethics, removed U.S. taxpayer-owned furnishing from the White House when moving out (returned some, paid for some), Benghazi scandal around loss of life, enabler of spousal misconduct, liar extraordinaire and, of course, unsecure email threatening national-security personnel.

Calling her conventional is an insult to all Americans. Another example of the press being controlled by conventional politicians.

I also take umbrage with the notion that she is a “leader.”

Douglas Connor