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Letter: No unnecessary growth

On Nov. 3, Election Day, I urge Aspenites to vote “no” on Base2 and vote “no” on the city question to vacate City Hall and build more new offices.

After taking in all information over the past few months on the Base2 application, I feel it misses the mark for long-term benefit to Aspen. The rooms would ultimately rent for what the market determines, and no, they wouldn’t be the most affordable in town. With no setbacks, no recessed third floor and no parking, the impacts to the neighbors (which we all are because of its location) would be too great. Because of the abysmal employee-housing mitigation, the impact on the community would be negative for years to come. Vote “no” on Base2, and tell the developer and City Council to respect the land-use code.

As for the Armory building, for it to be turned into a “community center” and have the city build up to 70,000 new square feet elsewhere seems completely inefficient. The city is going to build new space, which we need to, but we can fit it on existing property instead of three new buildings going up near or on existing parks. The government is already the largest contractor in Aspen, its projected growth numbers are insane, and this is unnecessary growth. There are better options for a sound future for our government offices, and they include keeping the current building, not building more and more and more.



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