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Letter: ‘No’ to Tree Farm project

There are two tired and worn-out sayings that need to be put to rest. They have been used lately regarding the massive and ill-advised midvalley Tree Farm proposal.

“You can’t stop progress.” Various definitions of “progress” imply forward movement toward a goal. Is the goal to rip up the Roaring Fork Valley, one project after another? The Tree Farm development would not be a quaint, charming village tucked into the hillside. Although nothing could be as shockingly unattractive as Willits Town Center (that hotel — really?), the Tree Farm would be another visual blight.

“You’re here and now want to close the door behind you.” Just exactly when do we put limits on the explosive growth that will suck our water supply dry, pollute our air, clog our already maxed-out highway and overburden our schools and public services?

The Eagle County commissioners should deny this project. Let’s not have it be another development where we cry yet again, “How did this happen?”

Katherine Reppa

Missouri Heights