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Letter: No to fluoride

Recently there has been the argument in Snowmass on whether fluoride should be added to the water. I find the answer to this argument to be obvious and I don’t see how everyone doesn’t see it this way. Taking fluoride out of the water just makes the most sense and here’s why: For one, even if the findings for fluoride helping your teeth (like the dentists claim) were overwhelming (which they’re not), would it be worth the slight risk of it causing a more serious disease? I think personally, I would rather have a cavity than cancer or kidney problems or something of that nature. Also, this makes me wonder about the dentists’ motives. You would think that a dentist wouldn’t want fluoride so that more people would have cavities so that they would do more business and make more money. This leads me to believe the only reason that they want it in is for their own personal tax breaks, which is selfish. Also, it makes me think that it can’t be that beneficial and the dentists know this because they still want business from people with bad dental hygiene. So basically, this whole argument is dentists trying to get more personal gain without thinking of anyone else but themselves. Also, let’s look at who is pro- and who is anti-fluoride. I know and have seen several doctors who are experts in their fields who are anti-fluoride, as they believe that there could be a chance that it has adverse health effects. Again, if a doctor says there is a chance something may kill you, you probably are going to try to avoid it. Even if there is no definitive proof, why would you want it in the water, because the so-called negatives of it definitely outweigh the positives in terms of overall health? Also, the people for it are dentists, and don’t we all hate going to the dentist?

Bridger Cole

Snowmass Village

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