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Letter: No survival instincts here

No survival instincts here

Dear Aspen Princess,

Your “friend who’d been arrested” is an idiot. Survival instinct kicks in if a person is on some substance, maybe. Once, back in 1991 or so, I was tripping acid in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a Henry Rollins/Beastie Boys show. I made a few poor judgment calls and actions that led to me having my feet swept out from under me by a security personnel and I hit the ground like ton of bricks — backward! I can assure you no “survival instincts kicked in.” I bitched and moaned that I have been wronged. I was placed in handcuffs, cited for misdemeanor trespassing and eventually paid a minor fine. Looking back, I was certainly in the wrong. I could have easily accepted my part in the B.S. and walked away.

The only other time I was ever placed in handcuffs — Las Vegas Boulevard, circa 2012 — I was trashed on Red Bull and vodka and acting like an ass. Again, I was certainly in the wrong. No survival instinct kicked in. What did kick in was the simple reality of not making this situation any worse and going to jail. Lots of “Yes sir/No sir” to the young, rookie cop and I was released and again paid a minor fine. If one chooses to do stupid things while intoxicated or on chemicals, I recommend compliance and polite, respectable verbiage.

Just my two-cent experiences.

John Norman


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