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Letter: No place for vegetarians at Soupskol

I recently joined the lines of eager soup aficionados at the annual Aspen rite of Soupskol. I was sorely disappointed to find that of the dozen or so contenders only one was vegetarian. Pork belly, a variety of seafoods and what I could only guess to be chicken, one after the other.

It seems that none of the contenders had thought about who they were catering to. Aspen, I’d be willing to bet, is disproportionately vegetarian. If catering to any large group, it only makes sense to serve vegetarian, especially if you want them to vote for you. And this is relevant for any occasion or function that will be serving food to a large group of folks with unknown dietary requirements. Meat eaters can eat vegetarian, but vegetarians can’t eat meat. Over the years, I have sadly been to a large number of events that exclude the possibility of vegetarians existing at the event. Carnivores enjoy a wide range of food offerings; I’m stuck with one lone plate in the corner.

Surely the restaurants of Aspen are up to the challenge of making a good soup that doesn’t contain any form of meat, be it red, seafood or poultry. It really isn’t that hard.

In order to enjoy and participate in Soupskol, I had to sacrifice my dietary principles, but it was clear that none of these meaty contestants were going to get my vote.

Matthew Cull


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