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Letter: No more of the same-old for Power House

No more of the same old for Power House

When I heard the woman from the Aspen Science Center say, “There is nothing to do here in the winter,” I thought this woman does not know how scientists often like to do their work here.

I have a doctorate in biochemistry. I have spent my life in science and skiing.

I often prepared for talks while hiking Aspen Mountain or on chairlifts.

I would come back and yearn for a space to work in where I could either be doing my thing but with activity in the background, which is how many like to work in many fields, and have access to people in various discourses, not just my field. I have peers online and on the phone.

The brewery and collaborative workspace is the only truly riveting and unique proposal that answers the two questions:

Which one is not represented already with some kind of home or has had a hard time finding such home?

And which would reach the broadest demographic? Far and away this proposal.

Why would the science center not look to join with the physics center, which is so under-utilized in the fall and spring and busy in the summer and part of winter?

I see kids delightedly playing with Zometools — those marvelous geodesic shapes — in the summer there. For kids who want to avail themselves, opportunities abound with the physics center and the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

I, as a scientist, say that this powerhouse space should not be a science center as it would lack a broad draw. It should be part of something else already here.

The performing arts — more of the same.

I thought I remembered sitting through City Council meetings where it was decided not to build a small Wheeler/performing arts hall because there was not enough demand.

There is too much in the arts already.

The GrassRoots TV proposal, while somewhat intriguing, lacks any broad attraction and the “new-age gathering place,” while sweetly sentimental (and I knew Dick Kienast and liked him) speaks to nothing solid.

Only the brilliant presentation of the young men speaks to all ages about new energy and not more of the same old.

With the brewery making excellent beer and Channel 82 doing very cool stuff in a small space, there is an important cash base.

The workspace generator upstairs would be awesome and quietly utilize many hours of every day all year long!

Phyllis Bronson


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