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Letter: No dogs on couches, service animals or not

No dogs on couches, service animals or not

It appears Mr. Lustig’s “service dog” is only of legitimate and legal service status in the state of California.

I opine that any service dog should be doing two things, since only two questions can be asked of a service dog’s “service.”

First, the dog should be on a leash or harness at all times while in public service. Some exceptions may apply.

Second, no dog should ever be on a public couch — service or not!

I explain: A good dog knows commands and is obedient, even when off-leash. If a dog can not obey voice commands then he/she should be always leashed while in public, dog parks excluded. What service is an emotional support dog if the dog is running around and not in close proximity of the person needing emotional servicing?

My dog, Hank, owned the house when he was alive. Laid on the couch, in my bed, held down the fort, but never paid the mortgage. RIP Hank! Never would I even think of letting Hank on a public couch in a business, much less a food service business. No dog should be on a public couch. Not all people are dog fans, but they may still like coffee. A true support/service dog would be calmly sitting at the owner’s feet.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Lustig chose to make this a legal matter when he is in the wrong about dogs on couches. Sounds like the issue was never, “is it a service dog or not,” the issue was the dog on a couch and customer complaints.

Too many people abuse the service dog label and that makes it more difficult for legitimate services dogs and their owners.

Like I said, “I opine”! Have a dog day afternoon.

John Norman