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Letter: Night Glow loses luster

Night Glow loses luster

There are two major truisms when it comes to hosting a balloon festival night glow: More balloons are better than fewer balloons, and having balloons close together is better than having them spread far apart. These were ignored by the organizers of this year’s Snowmass Balloon Festival.

I understand the people at Snowmass Tourism wanted to appease the businesses at the Base Village and along the Mall (most of which were closed anyway Saturday night, probably because this is the off-season), but moving the event from the ball fields to Fanny Hill was a big mistake. Perhaps they should have just initiated a marketing effort to encourage attendees to visit Snowmass businesses before and after the event.

The ball fields afford balloonists ample room to set up and remain inflated without fear of tearing their balloons on the chair lifts. The fields are also right across the street from a large parking lot which attendees find most convenient.

I’ve heard organizers tout the number of people who attended as being a measure of success, but most of those people were there because of previous years’ Night Glows, and had no idea this would be the worst Night Glow ever. With only one exception, every person I spoke with was hugely disappointed with the new location, and indicated they wouldn’t be in attendance next year if the event is not moved back to the ball fields.

Organizers blame the weather for the low number of balloons that inflated and remained inflated, but the biggest factor in the night’s disappointment was the choice of venue.

To Snowmass Tourism I say, “There’s no shame in admitting you made a mistake. There’s no honor in repeating that mistake again.”

Craig Silberman


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