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Letter: Next Gen has some growing-up to do

Individuals who serve on city boards and commissions are as entitled as any other citizen to speak out in their individual capacities supporting or opposing any political issue. In Aspen today, there are few political topics more heated than the use of the Old Power House. Should it be used for a true charity? Should it be used for for-profit ventures? Should it be used for sorely needed city office space? This is a purely political issue involving public property: the Old Power House.

Does the Historic Preservation Commission as a public board weigh in? No. Does Planning and Zoning as a public board weigh in? No. Why not? Because they are supposed to represent the citizens at large, not some subset that holds this or that view. And they aren’t supposed to act as a body to advance the interests of their individual members.

Such humility and decency doesn’t hold back the immature Next Gen Commission. A group (many my personal friends) who hold a public title with public duties at the behest of City Council. At least one of them has a personal financial interest in what happens to the property. Yet they abuse their position investing them with the responsibility to represent all the residents, not just those with certain views. And not just those among them with a personal financial interest.

Grow up, Next Gen. Your job description doesn’t include lobbying for your pet political projects.

Maurice Emmer