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Letter: New park development needs to be fixed

I’ve visited Old Pond Park every day for the past year to feed the domestic ducks abandoned there and walk my dogs with a neighbor. I have been watching, with great anticipation, the development of the new park that connects into the existing park along the river. New pathways, vegetation, irrigation system, etc. Then the flood. It did damage to the newly set-up river edge with its overflow system. It’s somewhat as it was planned but not handling it well. Everyone saw the water diverted to the overflow stream headed into the tree area. What you didn’t see was the flooding of the pond that sent the water and tons of debris over the banks, down the walking paths and out into the river in several spots; the new irrigation system ripped up in spots; silt covering the entire pond area; all pond vegetation destroyed, which feeds the fish and wildlife; the loss of most of the fish; the destruction of the beaver dams; the destruction of most ground setting nests; the deaths of six ducklings whose mother was lost; and the destruction of longtime walking paths. This is all in a part you can’t see but is used by many. I don’t believe the park and pond can handle this every single year. I hope you fix it now.