Letter: New city facilities

At a recent meeting, the City Council opted 4-1 to relocate downtown city services to a new facility at Galena Plaza. Police will be relocated to 540 E. Main St.

This decision was because the city is losing its leases and paying more than $300,000 per year in rent for downtown locations, and public feedback indicates that city services in one location and preferred over multiple locations.

While a suggested alternative to reuse the Armory building and avoid new development feels good, it would cost the community an estimated $7 million more, add at least two years to project completion and deliver inferior customer service.

A patchwork approach to solving the city’s space needs is not a sustainable, long-term option and saddles our future generations with decisions we should make today.

The majority of the council chose a 50-year plan to provide public service that will stand the test of time, not a Band-Aid approach that reuses buildings that could better serve other community needs today and into the future.

When posed with the question of spending more money for a lesser product versus spending less money for a better product, the council chose the fiscally responsible and best plan — one that responds to public input and long-term vision.

I and a majority of the council believe this leads to a more beneficial outcome for the entire community.

Please stay involved. There will be ample opportunity for community engagement as we move through this process.

Steven Skadron

Mayor, city of Aspen