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Letter: Need to reconsider Sky Hotel plans

I agree that the Sky Hotel needs to redeveloped.

I do not agree that every possible variance asked for should be agreed to. The city Land Use Code came up with these regulations after many years of study and all for good reasons.

Staff suggestions are still allowing variances for increased height, increased mass, change of use and reduction of setbacks beyond the city regulations.

I have a unit in Chateau Dumont on the west side. The “porte-cochere” planned on the east side of the Sky Hotel on the Dean Street alley will block all sun and ambient light from the west, as the rest of the Sky Hotel will do from the south. The porte-cochere will put the entire west side of our building in the shadows. This porte-cochere is extremely insensitive to its neighbors (13 units) and the effect on all foot and vehicle traffic. This porte-cochere is not even for a hot hotel bed. I brought this up at the first meeting Oct. 7. The meeting ran overtime, and this subject was never again addressed by John Sarpa, nor in his shadow-study at the second meeting.

Having had a unit in the building since 1992, I cannot stress enough how Chateau Dumont’s and Chateau Chaumont’s only “street alley” front-door access has very little sunlight as it is. During the winter, there is always snow, ice and black ice at night. Less sunlight and visibility will mean more black ice, slush, etc. That in turn will lead to more slipping and falling (especially from patrons leaving 39 Degrees on foot after 2 a.m.). This is not a guess — I have heard the 39 Degrees bar patrons screaming, barfing, shouting, laughing, arguing and fistfighting while walking through the street-alley nightly since the bar opened.

To add insult to injury, staff is happy to allow the Sky to have a rooftop bar and pool (serviced by an elevator that will protrude yet another 12 feet upon the skyline) open all day long, encouraging the hip, young and stylish to go there and be seen. When patrons step outside the elevator to party to the music and scene on the top floor, the last thing they’ll think about is the peace and quiet of the neighbors.

Before, the bar patrons’ antics were limited to inside the building and by the outdoor pool (weather permitting). Now, we, the condo owners, will be at their mercy day in, day out, 365 days a year.

In conclusion, for a measly increase of 12 pillows in hot hotel rooms, the staff is overlooking the Sky Hotel’s neighbors, their substantial investments in Aspen property and their hopes and dreams of living peacefully where they are.

Chateau Dumont and Chateau Chaumont compromise 52 units. At the minimum, that represents 208 to 312 pillows.

As an owner of one of these units, I respectfully ask you to reconsider and downgrade the scope and magnitude of the changes proposed for the Sky Hotel.

Kathy Weiss


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