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Letter: Myrin gets my vote

I am writing in support of Bert Myrin for City Council. What we need on this council is a different voice, not the same old “tow the line, party politics” we have setting up. I was disappointed to see the mayor and council members endorsing a candidate. I know Mick Ireland supported them so now they will support him. I guess that’s the back-scratching way of recent Aspen politics. It is shameful that this runoff is becoming about control and power, and not what is best for Aspen. The Aspen Dems and others have turned their back on Myrin after he has done some real honest work for them on issue stances that they share. I know how hard it is to be an outsider, even after serving eight years on council. I am voting for Myrin because he is the candidate that is challenging what is going on here: bigger buildings, bigger government, insider politics and wasteful spending, not to mention the failed hydro plant. Yes, I believe one intention for this council and their candidate is to bring back the hydro plant. Be brave, Aspen voters, think for yourself and support the candidate who works for the goals you believe in. I believe we can bring positive change to Aspen — it takes your vote to make it happen.