Letter: Myrin for council

The residents of Aspen need Bert Myrin on City Council. Whenever we are asked in polls how we feel about preserving Aspen’s character and history, the people of Aspen overwhelming say that this is very important to us. Most members of the current City Council don’t seem to be paying attention to us, and we want an Aspen City Council that listens. For many years, Bert has been leading the rest of us in fighting for Aspen’s character and history, most recently spearheading the referendum regarding Aspen residents having a say in Aspen City Council’s granting of variances to developers. Through the years, Bert has been one of the bravest and most tireless in speaking out for what we all want: to keep the Aspen we know and love. Bert knows Aspen and he knows us and he will fight for us. He is smart and reasonable and passionate and a good guy and he knows what is right and what is right for Aspen. I urge you all to vote for Bert Myrin for Aspen City Council.

In Su Lum’s column April 15 (“Myrin, Ireland, Torre and ‘yes’”), she said everything that I would have said here about what has transpired in recent years with our current council and why we need big changes. Right now, an Aspen City Council with Bert Myrin and Mick Ireland and Torre as mayor is what we need.

Lani White