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Letter: Myrin for council

We need new blood on the City Council. Bert Myrin is that new blood. As he did on Planning and Zoning Commission, he will ask the hard questions and expects to get answers not smokescreens and excuses. I have been on the opposite sides of issues from Bert in the past but have always known him to be willing to sit down and actually listen to the other side and hear all the facts. I want someone who will protect the historical view planes. I also want Wagner Park protected from the proposed maintenance building the city staff has brought forward, and has in the early stages of the approval process, that is a brick building 40 feet long and 11 feet high and will need a variance to build and a waiver of the protected views from the Wheeler Opera House. The buildings shown in the Sunday paper were approved in 2012 and were approved on Mick’s watch as mayor. We need a change. I am not leaving town, and I still plan to rattle cages and speak up at public comment, but the seat on the council needs a voice that also will stand up to pressure and protects what makes this town special. I am asking the people who voted for me to vote for Bert Myrin and protect our future. He has the backbone to do it.

Marcia Goshorn