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Letter: Myrin cuts through the bias

After serving for eight years on the city of Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission, I have realized there are huge gaps in the vague and ambiguous land-use code that creates enormous discretion by the City Council.

The citizen referendum in the recent election is proof there needs to be a better awareness to avoid decisions that create huge problems within our community.

That is why I am voting for Bert Myrin for City Council.

Bert recently exposed the City Council ordinance to increase mass and scale for the lodges south of Durant, which evolved from the idea that originated with public input to save small lodges. He will prevent this ongoing city effort to change original public input into the council’s own agendas.

After serving with Bert on the Planning and Zoning Commission, I have come to appreciate his unequalled operational awareness. He also is one of the few individuals who has spoken out on biased studies and directed surveys. He always has arrived at the planning and zoning meetings well-prepared and with in-depth knowledge of the issues.

Bert will bring to the council the predictability and consistency that are needed to alleviate the shortsighted decisions that have had such a negative impact on our city.

So please join me in voting for Bert Myrin for Aspen City Council in the June 2 election.

L.J. Erspamer