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Letter: My two cents on Snowmass

In a recent letter to the editor, Richard C. Goodwin discusses the Snowmass Metro District debt and states, “I think a lawsuit is needed now. What do you think?” (Dec. 6, Aspen Daily News). He asked, so I shall opine:

I think I see to many letters from Mr. Goodwin pertaining to lawsuits, threatening litigation and complaining about costs associated with owning a condo at the base of a ski area. Not to mention a developing base area crippled by the Great Recession, and lots of (what I opine to be) shady financial dealings — foreclosure then purchasing your property back at auction. Side note: I am very happy to see Aspen Skiing Co. repurchase the property. I feel they care about getting a finished product out there and available for visiting guests and locals like you, Mr. Goodwin!

Development is something I never want to do. Lawyer neither! I am no expert on Snowmass Base Village. I have read the following about Base Village: “Criteria for serving on the board of directors for Base Village Metro Districts 1 and 2 includes the elector being an individual (versus a company), at least 18 years old, a Colorado resident and voter and an owner or resident in a Base Village property.” However, there is a provision in the state’s Special District Act that allows for discretion in the selections.

“During a May 2016 board election, no nominating petitions for the board seats were received, Ankele said, so D’Agostino, Foley and Sewell were appointed.” (Aspen Daily News

Mr. Goodwin, why not run for a seat on the Metro District Board? I believe you fit the “criteria” from what I read in your editorials. Another lawsuit will only draw out the completion of Base Village. I love Snowmass since the first time I skied there in 1976 with Warthead leading me down the slopes! I liked the Snowmass of old better, but change is inevitable, and I want to see the project completed.

You may not like my response or opinion Mr. Goodwin. But remember, you asked, “What do you think?”

John Norman