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Letter: Ms. Lum, we’ve got your number

Ms. Lum, we’ve got your number

Dear Editor:

I am writing to respond to the article that recently appeared in The Aspen Times entitled, “The battle of the phone books,” written by Su Lum. As a publisher of phone books for 40 years, I would like to respond to at least a couple of misstatements included and published in Ms. Lum’s article. Following is my response:

The American Dream and free enterprise is alive and well. And, that is why a private, family-owned company like Names and Numbers (not a subsidiary of Comcast) can compete so very effectively with big enterprises like Dex.

In contrast to Ms. Lum’s assertion that we have discontinued our “media coop,” Names and Numbers continues to offer our very lucrative “media coop” plan to all our customers, therefore, helping them invest in all local media making Names and Numbers the foundation of their local media package.

Names and Numbers continues to offer a $14-to-$1 demonstrated return on investment to an advertiser and enjoys a 76 percent usage factor locally and nationally and is currently celebrating its 40th year in business as an entrepreneurship.

I would like to say thank-you to Ms. Lum for noticing that Names and Numbers is the only local phone book that listed her name and number correctly and at no charge. Our customer service team is made of real people making their living in the heartland of the good old USA and they are standing by to hear from you anytime we can be of service. Names and Numbers takes great pride in publishing accurate and complete products that become community favorites nearly everywhere we work.

Names and Numbers is delighted to serve the Aspen area community; thanks for mentioning us in your article and thanks for this opportunity to correct the factual misstatement.

Ken W. Brock

President and CEO, Names and Numbers

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