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Letter: More monk opportunities

More monk opportunities

Thank you, Aspen residents, visitors and sponsors, for making the Menla Mandala an exceptional experience for the community. Thank you, Red Brick, Ravenheart Gallery and Explore Booksellers, for your supportive commitment to the Sacred Arts of Tibet Tour. At every talk and empowerment, the monks recommend we study and read about the subjects discussed. Explore has a wonderful selection of materials to support your journey.

In our final week of monks in Aspen, Aspen Tibet would like to serve as many as possible with personal healing sessions. This one-on-one experience is known to clear away years of obstacles and toxins, allowing for more graceful forward movement along a higher path. It is incredible to see the results a clearing with Geshe Karma Yeshi creates, and we always love hearing the reports back.

The group of monks also look forward to providing house and business blessings to the community. This opportunity transforms the areas, allows for business to flow easily and supports health and harmony to all residents, guests, clients and employees who interact with the space. We welcome interest in receiving this personal time with the monks and look forward to providing you with a private, fulfilling experience.

There also has been a building interest in participation in a group-meditation sanga. We would love to hear your preferred day and time. Aspen Tibet looks forward to creating and providing a space for meditative development and spiritual growth. For information, to give input and to schedule appointments, please reach out to serene@aspentibet.com or 970-948-9279.

Serene-Marie Washburn