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Letter: More liberal mythology

We all share Alecia Evans’ longing for peace on Earth, which is why I wish she’d knock it off with the anti-white racism.

In her letter “Trump is coming” (Commentary, The Aspen Times, Aug. 17), Evans places the blame for a culture of “lies and separations” on the arrival of Europeans. Is she unaware that the Native Americans she idealizes raided and plundered one another’s settlements, killing the men and carting off the women, in the same manner as Vikings or Mycenaean Greeks?

What became of the Anasazi? Christopher Columbus and Cortez weren’t even born yet. How is it that Kamehameha drove thousands of his fellow indigenous Hawaiians off the cliff without any help from Europeans?

Does she think that only “red nations” have a mythology by which to explain their brokenness and promote their healing? What about the Bible, which, by the way, wasn’t authored by Europeans, was it now? They simply embraced it and developed a culture extolling it because it had meaning and value for them. That doesn’t stop leftists from blaming all their woes on all things white, especially Christianity. If it weren’t for those Catholic and Calvinist missionaries, America would still be paradise, they reason, even though it was never paradise.

Evans also suggests that because “we” are immigrants, too, we should abandon our culture to successive waves of immigrants, some of whom despise our culture.

Ain’t happening.

Evans begins by focusing her venom on Donald Trump, who for her crystallizes everything that’s wrong with our society. Whatever.

Like Kamehameha and Sitting Bull, Trump is a warrior whom natural selection has offered me in the war that has come to my doorstep. I don’t have to like him in order to love him.

He has my back, and that’s good enough.

Chad Klinger


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