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Letter: More fluoride talk

Fluoridation in our water supply needs to be stopped now. New research proves the harmful health effects it causes in our bodies. The fact is that this fluorosilicic acid is a raw, unnatural material that is scraped off of aluminum-industry smokestacks from China, bagged and shipped over in boats for disposal in the United States. Most of Europe and Canada will not allow this poison in their countries. There is a big movement in the U.S. to stop fluoridation. So far, 250 cities have refused or stopped this insanity. With all the new research that proves that fluorosilicic acid is harmful to us and our planet, there is no way we can continue this practice. Because of political pressure, the Snowmass Water Board made a bad decision to return fluoridation to our community. Only 25 percent of the whole community wanted fluoride back in our water. The members of the American Dental Association are not chemists or doctors and should not make this decision for us. The Delaney Clause on Fluoridation states that this is illegal. Because of fluorosilicic acid’s accumulative nature, many diseases show up later in life. Some of the studies have found arthritis; hardening of the arteries; thyroid disease; kidney, liver and pancreas disease; brain tumors; bone cancer; and more. Children are affected at early ages. They are saturated with this toxic material. You cannot monitor how much they ingest. They are getting double the doses. Fluorosilicic acid is in the same category as arsenic and lead. Would you let your kids drink water with arsenic and lead? I know a lot of you out there just didn’t have the information on the the fluorosilicic acid that has been dumped in our water for 60 years or have been too busy to think about it, but I suggest you educate yourselves on the toxic effects of fluoridation before you wake up one day wondering why you don’t feel good. Fluoridation is mass medication without consent, and it is your legal right to refuse this. Don’t be fooled by the lies that are out there that tell us fluoridation is safe. It should not be ingested at any level. If you would like more information or are concerned about getting this poison out of our water, please email me at stopfluoridation5@gmail.com.

Cris Cuda Dawson


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