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Letter: Monster rec center, monster tax bill

Besides the exorbitant tax that we would be paying for more than 20 years (I now pay $24 a month for Crown Valley Park; if 4C and 4D are passed, my tax burden increases to $140 a month and $1,680 a year! That’s $33,600 over 20 years!), this monster development would be responsible for eating massive amounts of our resources and energy from the time ground is broken.

During the time of construction, there would be more than 10,000 vehicle trips, with workers and trucks accessing the site. If you enjoy more traffic and congestion, more pollution and using huge quantities of our natural resources unnecessarily, then please vote “yes” for 4C and 4D.

A massive amount of asphalt would be laid, tons and tons of concrete would be poured, and a huge structure would require a materials list too great to imagine. This monster would need to be heated (60,000 square feet plus three pools!), lighted and maintained.  

We live in a recreation mecca right out our doors. Our trail system, which one uses for free, is extensive. We have mountains to climb for free.

If people want to swim in the winter, they should go to Glenwood or Snowmass and not ask me to subsidize their recreation so extravagantly. I would have to earn $200 a month, forever, just to pay this tax.

Please read Roger Marolt’s column from the Oct. 23 Snowmass Sun. He explains why this rec center is so, so costly for many of us in midvalley.

Here is one excerpt: “As shaky as my calculation may or may not be, one thing I do know is that for the owner of a half-million-dollar home in Snowmass Village, the property tax assessment to run the entire town for a year is just $359.77, including the rec center, Town Hall administration, snowplowing, debt service, etc. That’s 50 percent less than what it would cost the average El Jebelian to just keep their rec center going.

“Which brings me to my third observation in this exercise: It is not that the rec center in El Jebel would cost so much more to build and operate than ours or Aspen’s. The huge cost per home in the El Jebel area is due to the fact that they do not have anywhere near as many multi-gazillion-dollar lifestyle estates down there to absorb the brunt of the property tax burden. It’s like the real world there, where the average person has to pay for their own amenities. It’s just not the same stick-the-rich-uncle-with-the-tab scenario there as it is here.”

We have to vote “no” on 4C and 4D for yet more reasons than I have listed.

Kris Cox