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Letter: Money is a form of speech

Money is a form of speech

In his letter “Cause to truly think again” (The Aspen Times, Feb. 4), Johnny Boyd qualifies his critique of Melanie Sturm’s column on corrupt crony capitalism by engaging in a typical ad hominem: “Sturm is one of Aspen’s wealthiest ladies.”

Apparently having money means that a person can’t possibly have a disinterested, noble idea but must instead employ a backhanded stratagem for mollifying the grumbling masses by expressing phony concern for their plight.

Boyd, of course, being a progressive, is beyond such reproach, so I’ll confine myself to responding to one of his ideas rather than dwelling on the presumed character of the person expressing that idea.

Regarding his pitch for public financing of election campaigns, no, thanks. Instead of these campaigns being financed by voluntary contributions, he wants me to pay for them with dollars confiscated from me by the Internal Revenue Service.

Sorry, but I agree with the Supreme Court that money is a form of speech, and I will speak or not speak as I choose, not as I am forced to by government, which is already compelling me to pay for other people’s abortions.

Besides, if I am forced to speak for everyone by subsidizing every candidate’s campaign, then I am expressing a preference for no one. What a waste of my money.

Here’s a better idea. How about an open debate on whether the Federal Reserve should be brought under the control of Congress? If we’re going to have a rigged game, I’d rather it were rigged (or bungled) by our elected representatives than by this autonomous group of well-connected people in high places who don’t appear to be accountable to anyone.

Chad Klinger


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