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Letter (Monday, Aug. 12): Local music feeds workers, helps businesses


Dear Editor:

It has been a tradition for over a decade for tourists, as well as locals, to enjoy some of the best food served by some of the best restaurants anywhere in the USA and afterwards to hang out and enjoy great music. There has not a complaint about the music until now.

Natalia Shavachko seems to think that food and music don’t mix. According to Natalia, restaurants should only draw a dinner crowd and not offer music at all (“Messy vitality gets messy for neighbors on Hopkins Ave.”, Aug. 10, Aspen Daily News).

If you have your way, Natalia, look at what could happen. Musicians will lose pay, waitstaff will lose tips, owners of restaurants will lose money. Tourists who have come to Aspen for years expecting to have a wonderful meal and enjoy the music afterwards will not be able to do so. They will be told that a newcomer to Aspen who bought a $6 million penthouse put an end to the music, and that she has brought an end to a long standing tradition.

Natalia, you seem not to understand that these businesses that you are complaining about only have six months, maybe seven months, out of the year to make enough money to cover the expenses of the entire year. I wonder if you know that many of the employees who work at these restaurants and bars work more than one job just so they can earn just enough money to scratch out a living here. They may never be able to shell out $6 million for a home.

I find very disturbing that you are fighting to stop the working-class citizens of Aspen, as well as those with a handicap, from using the front entrance to your building. It must be terribly upsetting to you that you would have to share the entrance to your building and find yourself on the elevator with one of the above.

As a side note, this will be my last letter to the editor. I bought a home in Leadville and will be moving there later this month. Thanks to all of you who have commented on my letters to the editor over the years favorably or not.

Harry Temple III

Snowmass Village