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Letter: Modern-day Mr. Potter

Now Mark Hunt is buying the Red Onion building. He already owns buildings across the street from it, plus the Bidwell Building (soon to be the BidFarewell Building). Where is all this money coming from?

Hunt seems to control City Hall. The City Council and the city attorney act like they work for him. Is there too much money flooding in from who knows where going to who knows whom?

Film Fest is going on, so let’s put it in movie terms. In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the big-money man Mr. Potter tried to buy Bedford Falls. Potter tried to bribe good old Harry Bailey with a cushy job and annual shopping trips to New York for Harry and his wife. Harry almost took the bait, flattered by Potter’s attention and seduced by Potter’s money. But Harry’s conscience saved him at the last minute, and Harry went on to save Bedford Falls.

Where are the Harry Baileys of Aspen? Who is willing to stand on principle and protect Aspen from our modern-day Mr. Potter?

Be a Harry Bailey. Vote “no” on Base2. Vote “no” on 2B in November.

Maurice Emmer