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Letter: Mistaken climate science

Mistaken climate science

Glenn Beaton’s Saturday Aspen Tiems column, “Fear, loathing and global warming,” was wrong in everything it had to say on the subject. Beaton’s first mistake was to get his climate science from the Wall Street Journal. He should have used Scientific American instead because it uses peer-reviewed papers from the top scientific journals as its sources. Scientific American has again and again published articles on the serious threat of manmade global warming.

WSJ regularly prints articles denying global warming written by employees of the Heatland Institute, which is a non-scientific “think tank” funded by the Koch brothers and ExxonMobil. Follow the money. It’s the same scam the tobacco companies used successfully for decades, hiring “scientists” to deny that smoking causes lung cancer and to spread doubt in the general public. The fossil-fuel industry also spends millions to secretly finance the political campaigns of those willing to deny the science of global warming, according to Scientific American’s article ”Dark Money.”

There is virtual unanimity within the scientific community that manmade global warming is now poses a dire threat to humanity. Every scientific body of national or international standing agrees. No exceptions. This includes the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (and every other national Academy of Sciences in the world), The National Association for the Advancement of Science, The National Science Foundation, The British Royal Society, etc. The fact that more than 97 percent of climate scientists agree that the current period of global warming is manmade, which the Beaton column disputes, appears on the National Academy of Sciences website.

I’m more aware of the scientific consensus on global warming than most people because both my daughter and her husband are climate scientists who work with the IPCC scientists internationally and the National Academy of Sciences. They are gravely concerned about the danger global warming poses to their children. So are the vast majority of climate scientists. Climate change is going to hit us harder and faster than most people realize.

Fortunately, there is a simple and transparent solution to climate change. One that will not hurt taxpayers or consumers, but will give us a new, 21st-century smart grid that will be local, resilient, efficient, clean and cheap. It will create millions of new net jobs and add $75 billion to $80 billion annually to GDP by 2020, according to a recent REMI report.

This solution will also force other nations such as China to quickly and drastically lower their carbon emissions. It’s supported by most major economists, including eight Nobel Prize winners. It uses free-market economics, not government regulations. George Shultz, Ronald Reagan’s former treasury secretary, supports it and is leading the effort in Congress to get a bill passed that will painlessly phase out fossil fuels first here, then overseas.

Watch the two-minute video on YouTube, “Fix Climate in Two Minutes for Free” for a quick overview, then go to the volunteer, non-partisan Citizens Climate Lobby website for more information and see how you can really do something big to fight climate change.

Lynn Goldfarb


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